Over the Millennium I was stationed at Ali-Al Salem in Kuwait, supporting the Tornado detachment.

I was second in charge of the Deployed Supply Group, with Flight Lieutenant Jan Attack as my boss.

There was a big scare on at the time that the aircraft would start falling out of the sky because of the 'Millennium Bug'. Most of our electronic spares were doubled up to ensure we had enough to replace failures.


November 1999 to Mar 2000

Gulf War 1 had finished, and Saddam was still in power at the time. We had a couple of Red Alert scares whilst I was there, and we had to keep our vehicles topped up with fuel in case he tried anything.

Generally it was a good detachment, but it was awfully hot!. We could visit Kuwait City whenever we wanted, and it's a very westernised place, with all the modern shopping centres similar to the ones we have in the UK. Back to Top.

Have a look at a satellite view of

Ali-Al-Salem Air Station

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